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2017 Spring Fitness Symposium

April 28-29, 2017

Look how much fun we had!
Presenters and courses* approved for CEUs by
the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America
*Courses not AFAA approved are easily petitioned and approved for a minimal fee.
2017 Spring Fitness Symposium Event Schedule

Friday April 28, 2017

The Yoga Training Series Presents
YogaFit Level 2 Instructor Certification & 2 day Training
with Sandi Cartwright

After building a firm foundation in Level 1 teacher training, YogaFit's Level 2 training concentrates on communicating the essence of YogaFit to ourselves and our classes. Trainees spend time developing their transformational language skills through the use of positive affirmations and discovering how to address all types of learners most effectively, as they build a practice of self-awareness and self-acceptance. Trainees will discover the power of positive communication, both internally and externally, and use YogaFit teaching tools to empower their students.

Teachings include:
• Breakdown of 20+ poses providing variations and modifications
• Principles of verbal adjustments
• Advanced breathing techniques
• Health benefits of breathing and yoga
• Communication techniques
• Emotional Intelligence and Awareness
• Learning styles
• Power-class formatting
• Introduction to yoga philosophy, the Eight Limbs & Yamas/Niyamas

ACE CECs - 1.4    Yoga Alliance - 16 CEUs

Friday Night Kickoff For All Attendees!

Fluid Strength with Mindy Mylrea

Train for movement and muscle will follow!  Building muscles without movement patterning creates tight, short, inflexible limbs.   Mindy will gracefully link movement to movement and generate an integrated approach to strength training that makes sense to the senses.  Develop muscle that matters for increased strength, flexibility and function.

ACE CECs - 0.2    AFAA CEUs - 2.0 CEUs    NASM - 0.2 CEUs

Saturday April 29, 2017

The Yoga Training Series Presents
YogaFit Level 2 Instructor Certification & 2 day Training
with Sandi Cartwright


See details above on Friday Schedule.

Extreme Exercise Makeover with Mindy Mylrea

Squat, push up, burpee, lunge, sit up.  Yep, we have been there and done that over and over again!

Well get ready to mix it up and expand your exercise library!  MIndy is the best at transforming exercise staples into hit a home run gems.  Experience at least 10 new ways to bring to life the basics we all know and learn to progress and regress each that makes sense for all fitness levels.  Never do a regular old squat, push up or lunge again.

ACE CECs - 0.2    AFAA CEUs - 2.0 CEUs

Body Weight Boot Camp with Mindy Mylrea

No equipment.  Well, almost no equipment.  Using the best tool you own - your body - you will experience a boot camp like no other!  Mindy is genius at creating super cool, challenging, off the chart skills and drills for any type of boot camp held anywhere.  Enjoy an interval workout that is an explosion for the sweat glands, and go home with more ideas, tips, tricks and games than you could possibly imagine!

ACE CECs - 0.2    AFAA CEUs - 2.0 CEUs    NASM - 0.2 CEUs

30 minute working lunch presentation:
(Lunch provided)

Creating The Disneyland Experience
with Mindy Mylrea

Teaching a Group Fitness class should be nothing short of a day in Disneyland - without the lines!
And it all starts way before anyone has arrived at the front gate.  We all know that preparation will make or break any class or presentation and today we will learn how to go way beyond just knowing the content of our class offerings.

Tabata Bootcamp® Express with Mindy Mylrea

Tabata Bootcamp® is a revolution in HIIT training and wellness coaching.  Introducing the Tabata Bootcamp® workout - Tabata Express!  Mindy will show how an amazing 30 minutes will lead you on a full wellness journey for real change.  Using the 20-10 timing protocol with max intervals, mixed intervals and our signature foundational moves timing 30-20-10 you will experience a totally new way to excite and challenge your students and clients for maximum sustained success.

ACE CECs - 0.2    AFAA CEUs - 2.0 CEUs    NASM - 0.2 CEUs