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2017 Fall Fitness Symposium
November 10-11, 2017 

Clearfield Aquatic and Fitness Center
825 State Street
Clearfield, Utah 84015
Presenters and courses* approved for CEUs by
the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America
*Courses not AFAA approved are easily petitioned and approved for a minimal fee.
Below was the line-up for The 2017 Spring Fitness Symposium

Friday November 10, 2017

The Yoga Training Series™ Presents
YogaFit® Level One Instructor Certification & 2 day Training

with Sandi Cartwright

The first step on the path toward becoming a yoga teacher, or simply deepening your skills as an instructor, Level One provides the tools to create inspiring vinyasa yoga classes grounded in proper alignment and the safety of exercise science.
This year, The Yoga Training Series™ takes a deeper, more incisive approach to the YogaFit® Level One Instructor Certification and Training with a full, 2 day training schedule.
*In order to receive a Certificate of Completion for Level One, you must also complete eight hours of practice teaching as a community service in which you bring the gift of yoga, free of charge, to individuals who would not ormally be exposed to yoga on a regular basis.
**YogaFit® Level One, the jewel of Yoga Instructor Certification trainings, must be taken twice in order to attain E-RYT 200, to ensure an excellent foundation is firmly in place in each yoga instructor.
***If you are retaking Level One toward your E-RYT 200 status, you will receive the full amount of CECs but you do not need to repeat the community service teaching hours.

What you will learn:
•  46 fundamental YogaFit® poses needed to teach an inclusive, well rounded and safe yoga class to students of all ages, fitness levels and level of experience
•  The physical execution, transitions and modifications for each pose to ensure that is is safe and effective for every body type
•  To create dynamic vinyasa sequencing and flowing class formats based on YogaFit's®
three-mountain class structure
•  To use transformative language to communicate how each pose connects the mind and the body •  To teach what you've learned within a nurturing and supportive classsroom setting
•  Manual included

Friday Night Kickoff For All Spinning, Yoga and Water Attendees!

Crunch-less Core with Margie Caldwell-Cooper

Using up-to-the-minute interval techiques and core training theory, learn to challenge your students with simple tools.  Crunch-less Core classes are a 30 minute "Express" format that works well for variety and your student's busy schedules.  Learn how to format, create the exercise order and experience great take-home sequences for stability, standing work, prone, supine and side lying too - a great workout with no crunches in sight!  For aquatic exercise instructors, here is a new way to think about core work and how it translates to posture and function.

Saturday November 11, 2017

AEA Approved Water Trainings!
with Margie Caldwell-Cooper

Power of Three

Stride ahead in your knowledge of interval training and water workout balance: simplify your choreography anc challenge your students' mental focus and self-regulation.  This course brings up-to-the-minute information into user-friendly forms your students will love!  Learn about aquatic-specific super-sets and HIIT techniques in a wet weight room (hint: it's not about the speed!)

Become the uber-coach who loves to motivate his/her students with fun sequences and class time will fly by!

H2O Toolbox

Learn to use the scientific principles and physical factors affecting water exercise and discover your best water fitness training tools.  Use and take away specific exercises, progressions and techniques to target alignment, muscular strength, core stability, aerobic endurance and flexibility.  Practice and apply movement vocabulary that is specific to effective water exercise.  This is a great "crossover course for land instructors to learn to teach water exercise.  Both deep and shallow water techniques will be compared as well as applications for transferable land skills. 

The Perfect Ten

Simplify how you see (deep or shallow) water exercise and choreography:  look at functional tools, the 10 basic moves to use in every class and the variations to make classes fun and exciting!  Use and take away specific exercises and techniques to target alignment, muscular strength, core stability, aerobic endurance and flexibility.  Practice functional progressions to teach effective deep water exercise.

The Yoga Training Series™ Presents
YogaFit® Level One Instructor Certification & 2 day Training
with Sandi Cartwright


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Spinning® Instructor Certification
at a Symposium!

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